Friday, March 21, 2008

Krewe do Craft hits 9th ward cleanup

We got this email from Ann Marie with Box of Wine:
Ask what you can do for New Orleans!

Do you feel ever so slightly guilty that people from all over the country are pouring into New Orleans this month to help us out?

Do you long for volunteer opportunities in New Orleans so you can tell your grandchildren how you helped rebuild New Orleans ?

Do you want to spend the last day of Lent atoning for your sins?

Obviously living here post-K is rebuilding and atonement enough, and sometimes about all we can handle. But if you are interested in volunteering, some neighbors are organizing a clean-up day in the 7th Ward for Saturday, March 22. We are meeting at 8 AM at 2200 Lapeyrouse, which is the home and office of The Neighborhood Story Project. From there we will fan out in all directions to pick up trash, clean storm drains, pull ads off telephone poles and give the area bounded by N. Claiborne and N. Broad, Esplanade and St. Bernard a good spring cleaning.

If you can donate a box of garbage bags and bring your own rake and gloves that would be great. If you have a weed eater and can bring that along too that would be truly amazing since we have a plethora of overgrown weeds in vacant lots and in front of empty houses.

Also, if you would like help organizing a clean-up in your area, helping us out would be a great way to get started on your own neighborhood clean-up day.

Hope to see you on Saturday morning! Happy Equinox to all!

Ann Marie

we'll be meeting up in the morning, a bit past 9 to help out for a bit and then its back to finish the zine for the parade

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