Friday, March 14, 2008

Krewe do Craft gets ready for the Easter Bunny

It's been a really busy month since Mardi Gras and the Krewe has been busy getting ready for the parade of GoodChildren on Easter sunday, which heads west on St. Claude from Poland to Elysian Fields.Our throws will be handmade eggs of all varieties,moas from Easter Island,magnets,the pincushons,golden spools and our long awaited KREWE DO CRAFT ZINE.Only a limited number available.


inexplicable confetti said...

I can't wait for the amazing throws! I love the ones from Mardi Gras!

RustChic said...

yay! there were some specially awesome ones like the cupcakes on a stick and some folks even threw out silkscreened - by hand- tshirts. wow!